August Epic Service Award Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the following employees for receiving an Epic Service Award!

Caitlin Colver – Marriott

Since joining the management team, Caitlin has shown growth, leadership and initiative.  She is an asset to the resort and operations, and continues to receive recognition from our guests.  A guest comment: "The night manager, Caitlin, went above and beyond for us. We had been camping 45 minutes outside of Vail when I became violently ill. I ended up in the ER and my husband and 4 year old needed a place to stay. Marriott offered a discount due to our emergency and the fact that it was 9pm at night. I was discharged from the hospital around 11pm and Caitlin came to pick me up and take me to the hotel. She showed up with a bucket of ice and bottled water. I was so thankful for her willingness to help."

Mallory Wolfe – Security 

Mallory has covered countless PSS shifts in addition to weeks of night shifts for security. She is a true team player and has stepped up to support her team and the Product Sales team when needed.

Colin Viray, Naomi Horst, and Britt-Marie Pearson – Gardening/Base Ops

The flowers on and around Vail Mountain are the BEST we've ever had. Our Guests rave about how nice they are this summer. Kudos to the Base Ops Flower crew for adding a lot of color to our world in the Base areas, thank you!

Charlie Howard – Security

Charlie Howard is a shining example of an employee here at Vail Mountain. Charlie has worked with security for years, and is always the first one to step up to any situation. He has covered multiple night shifts in a pinch, come in early, stayed late, you name it. He is the first one to take a call, and the last one to complain about a single thing. Charlie deserves so much recognition for being such an incredible team player.

Heath Creager - Snowmaking

A woman came to the VMAB building asking if someone could jump her car. It was not clear that her car battery was dead, so Heath reviewed her car manual and decided to change the battery in her car fob. When that didn't work, Heath jump started her car with his portable battery jump box. Heath spent an hour helping her between getting the car running and helping her get off the rock she had run into.

Oscar De Lara Lopez – Employee Housing Maintenance

Oscar is a particularly good mentor to his team, going above and beyond training others in his department without hesitation. Residents constantly sing his praises and ask for him by name to assist in maintenance requests. He is the most consistent, reliable, ethical and hardworking member of the housing organization and his service is beyond indispensable. In life you encounter truly remarkable people so rarely, and he is one such individual. Oscar never falls short as a father, teacher or friend. He should be distinguished and acknowledged for all that he does.

Cameron Kamin – IT

Cameron has been taking hours out of his schedule frequently to help troubleshoot a ski school IT problem.  For years, ski school has been looking for an efficient way to request instructors’ schedules and can't find a viable solution.  Cameron has been brainstorming, following up and even went so far as to work with ski school for 3+ hours one day on various solutions.  He's an amazing team player, full of follow-through.  His work and time are very appreciated, regardless on resolution.

Karina Boock - Marriott

Karina is amazing to work with. She puts in long hours and takes the brunt of everything thrown at the front desk. From upset guests to lodging issues, she handles it all with kindness and a smile. She exemplifies Epic Service for hospitality.

Thank you all for your Epic Service!