Early Season Epic Award Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the following employees for receiving an Epic Service Award!

Max Miller – Vail Warehouse

I am nominating Max for all the hard work he has provided. Being, helping internal guests when they come into the warehouse, delivering packages to all villages. Also, all the deliveries he's made to uniforms and going above and beyond helping uniforms out when asked. He is always willing to go above and beyond helping Jen Anderson and Jen McWilliams out in tough and urgent matters that exceed his job description.

Jesse Eckert – Mountain Safety

The morning we were set to open Chair 6 for the season, Jesse was setting up the baffles at the 12-1 connector. He noticed the Halfpipe tower fan line looked like it didn't have pads on it, so Jesse called Snowmaking to see if they could get new pads over. Because it was so close to opening, the Snowmaking team mobilized but realized it would take some time to get the large pads into place, and that they wouldn't be able to safely ski them into place without help from Ski Patrol. Instead of waiting for the new pads to arrive and be skied into place by Patrol, Jesse walked up to the fan line, realized the pads were in place, just buried under snow. He called Snowmaking to let them know they didn't have to scramble to move the pads, and then Jesse went and got a shovel and proceeded to dig out the entire fan line dividing open from closed terrain, an effort that took him more than an hour. He raised the pads into place in time for opening, and then went back to his work with the rest of the Mountain Safety team setting baffles. Jesse's sharp eye for detail and willingness to help other departments prevented Snowmaking from towing four pads behind a snowmobile, and Ski Patrol from having to cycle them up a lift and into place. He was key to getting Ruders ready and keeping his mountain ops teammates safe while doing it.

Noah Whitaker – Vail Resorts Retail

Noah was on snow assisting our ski valet team when he noticed a guest struggling to walk through the village and quickly realized that the guest was in a lot of pain. Noah approached the guest and asked if he could assist him in any way. The guest let Noah know that he had hurt himself pretty bad and thought he may have broken his hip. Noah was quick to provide assistance for this guest, by getting a wheelchair from the Arrabelle so he could be transported to seek medical attention for his injury.

Noah was very proactive in going out of his way to assist a guest in need, something I see often when he's working in the rental shop. It’s this proactive guest service and his intent to provide the best experience possible to our guests that makes it easy for me to nominate Noah for this award!

Joelle Hill – Mountain Ops

Joelle Hill is such an amazing team player and a key member of our Mountain Operations team. She absolutely goes above and beyond her normal work duties every day! She continuously takes on tasks and offers her help and knowledge to anyone who asks. With many changes and COVID -19 now in the mix, Joelle has adapted and expanded her role to make sure everyone is in the know and well prepared for this new world we live in. She works extremely hard every day to support Mountain Operations' many departments and even reaches out and supports those in other departments beyond her job description. She is readily available and willing to drop everything to help someone who is in a pickle. Specifically this season she has exceeded her normal role through her work on Safari, the new COVID testing process, and a new vehicle compliance program called DISA. She is truly a Rock Star and such an inspiring person to work with!


Alex Shimmin – Product Sales & Services

Alex as an I9 super leader has spearheaded the huge task of offering support and guidance to all of our I9 leaders for Vail Mountain. Many I9 leaders are very new performing the I9 and document verification so many had questions, concerns, and needed help fully understanding the process. Alex has taken it upon herself in addition to her already incredible busy schedule to offer additional help and guidance through Teams meetings and Q&A sessions. Thanks Alex for all your hard work and dedication to helping out other I9 leaders!!!

Charles Hewitt, Charlotte Brady, John Lira, Alex Moskowitz & BJ Aguilar – Ski School

Ski school personnel at the Golden Peak Elvis Bahn worked really hard on 11/22-23 to get it open. It appeared to be a great interdepartmental collaborative effort with lift ops and some super strenuous shoveling and snow moving.
It’s great to have the lift open due to their hard work!
Thank you!

Machenzie Deck – Lift Operations

On a busy December day, Chair 7 stopped for mechanical reasons. Machenzie went up into the terminal and quickly diagnosed the issue. Machenzie's call out allowed us to close the gates to Game Creek Bowl early and saved many people from a long delay. Machenzie's attention to detail and quick action were essential in this scenario.