January & February Epic Service Award Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the following employees for receiving an Epic Service Award!

Michael Boltie

Boltie created a custom video for the base Ops team to review their weekly SAFARI training regarding asbestos.

Maya Wimer

I experienced Maya Wimer at Wildwood a few weeks ago and her kindness and work effort was beyond amazing. I watched her handle some very hard situations on a cold day at Wildwood with customers who were wanting to come inside for a break from the cold. I watched her kindly navigate and accommodate when she could even those who did not have a reservation. I was impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail in actually trying to accommodate and help people when she could. I watched her clean and greet everyone with a smile. She stood out to me as and EIPC employee so I wanted to share with the team in hopes of a nomination.


As I was doing building inspection at wildwood pavilion I watched Maya as she greeted every guest that walked through the door with unwavering energy and enthusiasm. I could see the positive effect she was making as everyone she spoke to "lit up!".  She was definitely impacting the guests' experience.

Emily Barker

On Saturday, Feb 6th we received 18 inches of snow and it was one of the better days we have had this year. All of the Mountain ops teams were super busy digging and mitigating the snow to open the mountain for the public. We were slowly opening the back bowls and it was time for Blue Sky but patrol notified us that it was really difficult to navigate down Big Rock Park because of the snow totals. With no groomers back there we were in a pinch but we were able to contact the SANDWICH CAT driven by Emily who was able to turn around to groom out Big Rock Park and key areas so we could open Blue Sky. Her actions not only let us open Blue Sky but also spread the public out which makes the mountain a lot safer. Emily's efforts made countless people happy and safe.

Mallory Wolfe

Mallory was on Swingsville and asked a snowboarder that was seated next to the run if he was alright.  He was exhausted and after a few minutes Mallory realized he was dehydrated. Mallory skied down, returned on chair 4 to the Legacy hut, grabbed a bottle of water and returned to the snowboarder.  She stayed with him, continually reconfirming he didn't need ski patrol.  Once rested and rehydrated, Mallory accompanied the boarder down Swingsville and then assisted him in getting to Gondola One for download.


On 1/4/20 a backpack was inadvertently taken from the bottom of Chair 7 and delivered to security. This pack belonged to my clients, Camp Robbers members, and contained their lunch for the day.  I spoke with Gabriel, a lift operator working the bottom of 7, who immediately tracked down it's whereabouts and requested that security return the pack to the Camp Robbers cabin. Mallory, security team member, delivered the pack within twenty minutes. I was impressed with both efficiency and demeanor of both these individuals; they were polite, professional and competent.

Fiona Harris, Grace Uebel, Vanessa Shelton & Alyssa Cunningham

Gondola 19 was late opening. Alyssa Cunningham, Vanessa Shelton, Grace Uebel, Fiona Harris were really great about making sure everyone waiting for the gondy was informed of the situation. There was a little kid who was waiting to go up with his dad. They decided they wanted to wait and see what happens. These awesome lifties invited the pair to sit on the bench under the lift house window while they waited. When the lift delay was extended, they gave the little guy some dry erase markers and let him draw on the window. They went back into the lift house and started drawing on the other side. The kid was super excited and was having a great time. It was a really fun way to keep a kid entertained.

Nicole Talarico

Nikki exemplified our values of doing good and service to others.  On January 16, after expressing her desire for a rest day to her supervisors, Nikki proceeded to help several guests to their lessons and rentals.  As she continued to greet potential students, Nikki came across a flustered mother who needed help organizing her child's lesson as well as direction to her own adult lesson.  She and her children were here in Vail to fulfill her husband's wish that the family would one day all ski together.  Nikki learned that the husband had recently passed away and the mother was obviously still emotional as a result.  After connecting the child with an instructor, Nikki walked the mother to the adult bell and in so doing, developed a bond with her.  Nikki recognized that she had put the mother at ease and of course then volunteered her day to personally teach the mother along with her younger child to ensure that their experiences were joyous and meaningful.  Our standards at GPC are always high, but Nikki went above and beyond.

Jacob Oot

I just wanted to let you know we had a liftie really go above and beyond trying to help a child today. Ziggy had a nightmare about a chairlift a couple weeks ago and has been really anxious about getting back on. Jacob was very patient and kind in trying to help my son feel safe and calm about the whole experience. He offered some great suggestions and worked to make it fun and take some pressure off. I was really impressed with the whole situation, he handled it like a pro, and I just wanted to let you know.