March Epic Service Award Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the following employees for receiving an Epic Service Award!

Heather Stolz

Heather Stolz went above and beyond for a military family who recently suffered a great loss of a Senior Green Beret, a husband, and a father. Coming to Vail to ski was a retreat to heal from the tragedy. The ask was for any possible discounts on lift access - Heather's response was to ensure the cost of the tickets was zero.  First Heather started reaching out to other Vail Mountain Employees to see about collecting comp coupons, thank you Jim Mallas, Bryan Corbellini, Mark Delpiere, and Gary Mitchell for your coupon donations.  Next Heather came to me explained the situation and we reached out to Epic Promise and from a combination of coupons and Epic Promise the tickets were 100% covered. This season has been really hard and we in Product Sales and Services get asked for discounts and credits literally every day. This constant ask can wear on a person - Heather could have easily given the standard, "Military Passes are no longer on sale.....but we do offer a military ticket rate....." but instead she recognized that this was a special case, one of loss and tragedy during an already formidable time.

Jarrett Davis

On the long magic carpet at Eagles Nest a 13 year old lost his snowboard when the wind picked it up.  His instructor called security and they said they would come and look for the board.  Meanwhile this 13 year old was in a private lesson without a snowboard.  Jarrett Davis whose private lesson was working on the same skills as the young man that lost his snowboard, asked the instructor to keep an eye on his kid and walked down the magic carpet into Minnie’s trees and retrieved the snowboard for the 13 year old. It made the 13 years olds day that Jarrett went above and beyond to retrieve his board.  He had to go down the magic carpet, across the catwalk into Minnie’s trees to look for this snowboard for a client that wasn’t his.  He had to hike out in knee to waist deep snow back up to the carpet.  It was a Herculean effort!

Kristen Caples

In the Vail Village ticket office Kristen had a family come to her window to purchase lift tickets. Kristen informed the guests of the online purchasing process, this is when the guest explained that they didn't have a credit card and only had cash as a form of payment.  Knowing that we were a cashless operation this season Kristen started to trouble shooting with the guest as to how we could get them on the hill; purchase a gift card at City Market, ask a friend or another guest to use their credit card were some of the options.  During the conversation Kristen got the feeling that the family had been through a lot to get to this point and really wanted to help without sending them on a goose chase.  Kristen took it upon herself to charge the purchase to her personal card in exchange for the cash. Kristen absolutely went above and beyond to ensure that this family could get up on the Mountain and enjoy the spring skiing we have to offer!

Nathaniel Vasquez, Josiah Means & Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim, Josiah Means, and Nate Vasquez were riding the bus to the employee parking lot after work on 3/18/21. At the Concert Hall Plaza stop, a young child got on the bus, he was about 5 or 6 years old and spoke Spanish. After he got on the bus, the bus driver closed the doors because he had hit his capacity. I don’t think the bus driver understood that the child’s family was outside of the bus at the time. The bus pulled away from the stop, separating the child from his family. Daniel, Josiah, and Nate recognized the situation and tried to figure out a solution. They decided to get off the bus at the next stop and then wait with the child for the bus heading the other direction. They succeeded in reuniting the child with his family back in Lionshead a few minutes later. Daniel, Josiah and Nate, thank you for taking the time to do the right thing!

Eddie Warner

Eddie was skiing on Sour Dough and saw a small black spot in the snow. He went to check it out and it was a piece of metal. He went to pick it up and discovered, like an iceberg, it was mostly beneath the surface. After digging it out he discovered what appeared to be part of a snowcat track. He took that piece and turned it into patrol.  Eddie's actions most likely saved someone from at a minimum damaging their gear and possibly getting injured.

Clarence Collister

Clarence took it upon himself to come up with a creative way to improve the snow clearing from the terminal roof of a lift in Blue Sky Basin.  Falling snow and ice has been a safety hazard for employees and a a structural problem for the operation of the lift for several years.  He researched a heating source for the inside of the roof to help reduce the build up of snow and ice on an area of the roof that was identified as a hazard for employees working at the lift.  Power for the heaters was sourced and then he installed the heaters.  They were a significant improvement over the previous methods of removing snow and ice.  Clarence has made plans to install more in areas to improve safety.

Blake Boatwright

Blake noticed a hole near the gondola 19 entrance. Instead of ignoring it, he stuck his phone in to take a video of what was down there. What he found was a dangerous amount of snow rot that was beginning to creep under the gondola entrance. Blake immediately re-routed the gondola line, planned a cat meet, grabbed his team and began breaking out the hundreds of feet of suspended ice. Blake stayed with his team the entire time not only supporting and directing their efforts, but actually swinging the pick axe for hours and hours. Blake was on top of the situation from minute one and was a key player in maintaining the safety of the gondola entrance for the guests looking for a fun day on the mountain and the employees that stand in the area all day.

Richard Wilson

Richie was working the grill at Eagle's Nest, after a guest bumped is head on the menu Display he noticed something wasn't quite right.  There was a very subtle bow in the wood paneling the display was mounted to.  Richie let Mountain Services know and it was determined the adhesive holding the 20+ year paneling had failed under the weight of the display.  Mountain Services was able to remove the displays before they fell causing damage or harm.  Richie's attention to detail in his everyday work environment prevented a potential dangerous situation.

Thank you for your Epic Service!