Vail Mountain Annual Epic Service Award Winner

Mallory was nominated, not only once, but three times this winter by fellow employees for providing EpicService and creating an Experience of a Lifetime as follows.

Mallory was on Swingsville and asked a snowboarder that was seated next to the run if he was alright.  He was exhausted and after a few minutes Mallory realized he was dehydrated. Mallory skied down, returned on chair 4 to the Legacy hut, grabbed a bottle of water and returned to the snowboarder.  She stayed with him, continually reconfirming he didn't need Ski Patrol.  Once rested and rehydrated, Mallory accompanied the boarder down Swingsville and then assisted him in getting to Gondola One for download.

  • My name is Christoph and I am an Epic Pass member who snowboarded today at Vail. The day started off poorly, with what I feared was the theft of my snowboard. To my luck, Mallory was the security person who helped me. I wanted to write you to let you know how great she was. She remained calm, was very helpful, and tried to make my experience as positive as possible considering the circumstances. She quickly got me outfitted with a rental board (Rosser at Vail Sports was also great, by the way) and helped me to at least enjoy some early runs that I had woken up so early for. In the end, the board was returned and Mallory was in communication with me the whole time. I commend her for her great service, friendly demeanor, and patience. You have a great team-member on your hands - it’s not often I find great customer service anymore but Mallory delivered!
  • On 1/4/20, a backpack was inadvertently taken from the bottom of Chair 7 and delivered to security. This pack belonged to my clients, Camp Robbers members, and contained their lunch for the day.  I spoke with Gabriel, a lift operator working the bottom of 7, who immediately tracked down its whereabouts and requested that security return the pack to the Camp Robbers cabin. Mallory, security team member, delivered the pack within twenty minutes. I was impressed with both efficiency and demeanor of both these individuals; they were polite, professional and competent. To Gabriel and Mallory, thank you. I appreciate your efforts.

 Please join us in congratulating Mallory!